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Electric vehicle charging station Solar Carport, what is it? How does it work? Can INNOVENTUM.STORE ship and install Solar Carport worldwide? Is it easy or complicated to order a carport with solar panels from Sweden?

We understand that even though it is our human obligation to contribute to our planet by choosing clean energy sources, we also understand that is can be a difficult step to take.

Therefore, we are here to support you completely with our knowledge and experience, from payments to installation we will guide you all the way to a complete energy independence or energy empowerment. Depending on what you are looking for.

eMobility charging station

With that said, we would like to introduce you to one of our amazing and unique emobility charging stations, Solar Carport. Solar Carport is electric vehicle charging station with solar panels, and is unequally design on patented wooden structure. This piece of powerful and environment friendly art, will give you and your community a long term supply of renewable energy and electricity from our shining star, the sun. Our mission is to contribute to energy empowerment or energy independence worldwide so shipping and installation of your Solar Carport will be smooth and inspiring for you alone or your community on whole. Feel free to connect, this unique product can be especially designed for your energy needs and the quantity of electric vehicles in need of charging with renewable energy.

What is emobility charging station and how does it work?

Emobility charging station is a parking lot where you can charge your electric vehicles of any kind. You can also co-charge different types of electric vehicles. And in our shop you can find two different, unique charging stations. The first one if our advanced and award winning hybrid system The Giraffe and the second one is our appreciated and powerful Solar Carport. The Solar Carport is being primary highlighted in this blogpost today. So let’s start.

sustainable living bird

Sustainable living

There is change happening within the world of transportation. The transition towards eMobility and electrical vehicles (EV) will increase our sustainable living. Every day a steady increase of all types of electrical vehiclesranging from electric scooters and bikes to busses and trucks is happening! When a demand of EVs areincreasing, the demand for eMobility and electric vehicle charging stations is increasing as well. The European Union has a rule of thumb that there should be 1 charging station for electrical vehicles per 10 cars. This is currently not being met on a governmental level. Thus we, the people and business owners, must contribute.

Benefits of electric vehicles (EV)

There is a clear benefit of buying and using EVs as a mode of transportation by reducing carbon emission. To further increase the benefits of electric vehicles, minimize the strain of the electric grid and create a source of income, is to invest in a Solar Carport from InnoVentum and use this powerful product for charging electric vehicles. Let mother nature to charge your EVs with truly renewable energy while saving you money.  

solar carport electric vehicle charging station

Solar Carport

Our Solar Carport combines the protection of a regular carport with the benefits of solar panels to create a source of truly sustainable energy. The Solar Carport created by InnoVentum includes 24 solar panels (PV) which produces an estimated 8 500 kWh per year in the south of Sweden or about the range of 48 000 km for an electric vehicle or one lap around the planet.

We are offering a modular carport built in glue-laminated wood where each module fits 2 cars and are scalable to fit your need, no matter the size. It is available in 2 different version, in the continental and the Nordic versions depending on the snow load.

In addition to protecting your EV, solar carport from InnoVentum provides +8500 kWh per year which is enough to drive around the planet. Our smart digital solution makes it possible for you to select your energy needs based on quantity of electric vehicles and order your Solar Carport directly in our shop.

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Electric vehicle charging station Solar Carport vs Rooftop Solar

So what should you choose? Electric vehicle charging station or rooftop solar? The Solar Carport from InnoVentum provides a sturdy structure that protects EVs from weather and wind. The structure is built in accordance with EUROZONE code 4 and can withstand winds upwards of 28 m/s and there is an option to have the Nordic version that can withstand over 200 kg of snow per m2.

The biggest differences between rooftop solar and a Solar Carport from InnoVentum is the ease of installation and the aesthetics. The Solar Carport that we are offering, offers the possibility of adding both beauty and functionality in a very convenient way to create a charging station for electric vehicles or empower your home.

The solar carport by  InnoVentum is designed to provide green electricity and maximize local energy production in an eye-catching manner. As a eMobility charging station, our solar carport is compatible with all chargers on the market.

Let us know if there is any other information regarding Solar Carport from InnoVentum that we can provide for you! Contact us by any of our contact possibilities. And if you are nearby one of our offices – give us a call! Let’s meet up for a coffee and sustainability chat!

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