Giraffe is a hybrid wind turbine and solar panel combination delivering up to 25.000 kWh per year. Choose The Giraffe or The Giraffe Performance, depending on your energy needs.

This award winning product sustaines homes, public spaces and eMobility over 3 continents, with renewable energy from solar and wind.



Wind turbine and solar panel combination

The Giraffe, wind turbine and solar panel combination – is ready to charge anything from your EV to your home with wind and solar energy. It is comprised of a wooden structure supporting 24 hybrid solar panel modules as well as a small wind turbine mounted at a 12 metre height.

InnoVentum’s Giraffe 2.0 is a stand-alone hybrid power station for generation of electricity with solar panels and a wind turbine, suitable for residential, public as well as industrial use.

This product comprises
•5.5 or 7.5 kWp wind turbine
•24 solar modules (total from 7,0 to 9,0 kWp)
•24 optimizers / micro inverters and one wind inverter (single or three phaseavailable)
•Curved wooden structure in glue laminated
•Foundation: screw foundation (x8) or concrete
•Electronics for monitoring and on or off grid connection

Flexible hybrid solar PV panels

Intelligent positioning of solar PV panels in 24 different angles allows for stable energy production – providing solar energy during four additional hours compared to a classic flat PV mounting. Giraffes solar panels provide power capacity from 7.0 to 9.0 kWp depending on the module selected. This wind turbine and solar panel combination is normally equipped with a 5.5 kW small wind turbine (7.5 kW available)

Quiet wind turbine and solar panel combination

Hybrid charging station with certified wind turbine and solar panels from LG

Turbine manufacturer is certified to ISO 9001:2008 for the “Design and Manufacture of Small Wind Turbines”, awarded by LRQA, an international certification body and subsidiary of Lloyds Registers.

The tests carried out by INTERTEK prove that the wind turbine conforms with the required specifications according to AWEA 9.1 certification for the installation of wind generators in the United States, the MCS regulations for the installation of wind generators in the United Kingdom and Class NK for Japan.

Giraffes wind turbine is the very first small wind turbine that has received a global IEC standard Consumer Label certificate for the Scandinavian market. SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden Ref: 4P05805

Quiet performance

Quiet performance: at a distance of 42 metres and a constant wind of 8 m/s, a sound level of 40 dB (A) was registered. That is the same level of background noise we find, for example, in a library.

wind turbine and solar panel combination
Wind turbine and solar panel combination


eMobility through hybrid solar and wind charging station

The Giraffe Top Performance hybrid wind- and solar panel combination is suitable for a variety of eMobility, EV and other applications. It can charge a summer cottage, a house, an EV, and power electronic equipment – either connected to the grid or in remote locations, e.g., replacing diesel generator (with a suitable battery backup).

Powerful charging point for electric vehicles and eMobility

In urban environments Giraffe Top Performance can function as a hyper-efficent, clean and powerful charging point for electric vehicles and eMobility in general. It can also serve as an eBike charging and sharing hub, (self-contained or utility-connected) or as an educational renewable energy installation at any place.

The design of this hybrid solar- and wind power solution was released in 2014 at the largest design exhibition in Asia – Business of Design Week in Hong Kong.

Thanks to the rounded and linear curve design, 40 m2 of solar panels fit onto the Giraffes 24.6 m2  footprint on the ground. The concept of energy density i.e. how much energy is produced per unit area per year, is important in many urban areas where land prices are high.

Wind turbine and solar panel combination beats record in energy density

The Giraffe’s energy density of 555kWh/m2 beats all records compared with other carport charging stations. This is partly because it accommodates so many solar panels with its double curved design, but also because it has a wind turbine integrated into the construction.

Our electric vehicle (EV) charging solution is designed to charge two electrical cars and covers a total area of two parking spaces. In other words, there is no loss in parking space when installing Giraffes that are delivered with a double-quick-charger from Chargestorm that gives 2 x 22.1 kW via 32 A 400 V. The solution can also be equipped with fast-chargers.

Drive around the globe on renewable energy twice!

The Giraffe has a yearly energy production of around 15,000 kWh during normal conditions, which is enough for two electric cars to drive around the globe twice.

When the Giraffe has produced renewable energy for 25 years, the metals and wood can be recycled. This awarded charging solution doesn’t leave any left-over concrete in the ground and the screw foundation is removed and recycled. The wind generator then gets upgraded with new blades and ball bearings. Order your own hybrid power system today.


Award by the Wind Energy Association of Sweden in July 2016

The Giraffe 2.0 has obtained an International Consumer Label based on the Certification by SP Technical Institute of Sweden

European Commission has awarded the “Seal of Excellence” to the Giraffe 2.0 as an EV charger project

Product of the Show Award at the Energy Show 2016 in Ireland

Grant by the Energy Agency of Sweden for the development of the Giraffe 2.0

Notable installations of wind turbine and solar panel combination from InnoVentum

Installation at the global climate conference COP 22 in Marrakesh

Installation at the world-class research facilities ESS & Max IV Lab near Lund, at the Science Village Visitor Centre

wind turbine and solar panel combination

Installation Process

The first installation of the Giraffe, wind turbine and solar panel combination, took place at the end of 2014 in Västra Hamnen (Malmö) at the InnoVentum Demonstration and Testing Site for Renewable Energy Technologies. The installation process is relatively quick and easy once all parts of the construction are assembled (i.e., the wooden “skeleton” mounted on the foundation and the arches complete with small wind turbine and solar panels). Watch the installation below: