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In this post we will introduce you to one of our innovative combination of solar panels and wind turbine called “Giraffe”, a one-of-a-kind hybrid energy station that produces electricity from both wind and sun at the same time.

Low-cost, environmentally friendly electricity

Every year, as we all know, the market for low-cost, environmentally friendly electricity grows. Renewable resources are growing rapidly in any area that involves the use of useful energy. The industry for small wind turbines is no exception. A small wind turbine can be purchased today for a very reasonable price and will provide the owner with energy independence for many years.

wind and solar panel combination

Why starting your journey towards sustainable and green energy is a great idea?

Sustainable and green energy brings real benefits to the environment as energy comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind and water. These constantly renewable energy sources are the exact opposite of the unsustainable carbon-emitting fossil fuels that have been used by us for over a century.

Green energy solutions also have the advantage of not requiring significant additional energy costs after construction as they often use easily renewable energy sources such wind.

What is a hybrid wind-solar system and how does it work?

For a long time, people have known how to use sun radiation and wind force. However, because the wind does not always blow and the sun does not always shine, and because these characteristics may vary depending on the time of year and day, a hybrid system was developed that combines wind turbines and solar panels to provide electricity all year round. The wind generator is the major source of power for charging the batteries. Solar panels are added to a wind turbine to make it more stable and efficient, with the charge going to the batteries as well.

The supply of electricity is not interrupted by the absence of one or both energy sources in such a system of solar panels and wind generators. Electricity is supplied from the batteries when there is no wind or sun, and if the charge runs out, a backup connection to a generator or centralized source is usually made.

hybrid wind and solar

The Giraffe – order your hybrid charging station here

Wind and solar power stations are now considered the most efficient sources of green energy, because they require less processing and recycling. Advances in composites testing and processing techniques have helped to extend the service life of wind turbines and solar panels, resulting in clear benefits.

Buying hybrid wind and solar power station – three main reasons you should be aware of

  1. During any cycle, a combination of wind and solar will almost certainly increase energy production. When the sun is shining brightly and the temperature is high, the wind tends to be light. When the wind is strong and the skies are gloomy with rain and moisture, however, sunshine is minimum.
  2. A solar-wind hybrid has the potential to save around 7-10% in capital investments due to the synergies.
  3. They don’t need to be connected to the grid because they produce power at different times and in different seasons.
What is the Giraffe?

The Giraffe by InnoVentum is a hybrid charging station and carport that uses wind and solar energy to charge your electric vehicle or real estate.

The Giraffe is made entirely of renewable (wood) and recyclable (metal) materials, bringing green power stations to new levels of sustainability. The trees used in the construction absorb several tons of CO2 from the atmosphere before their wood takes on the peculiar shape of a Giraffe, and all this carbon dioxide is preserved within the structure for decades, making a positive contribution to the climate.

On average, the Giraffe 2.0 provides enough energy for a 225 km e-drive each day – and enough energy to travel twice around the world in a year!

The Giraffe, being a hybrid energy station, has two main advantages:

  • Power production continuity: complementing wind and solar technologies supply energy day and night, summer and winter
  • Power density for space efficiency: power production per square meter of footprint is quadrupled when compared to solutions of the same size that rely solely on the sun or the wind.
hybrid wind solar charging solution

Conclusion about independent hybrid power systems

Since the independent systems are seasonal and location-dependent, they are unable to provide a constant source of energy. A hybrid wind-solar system can be utilized to harness the benefits of both systems while also addressing their weaknesses, resulting in a balanced approach to energy production.

Wind turbine and solar panel combination can fully secure energy independence. Furthermore, hybrid systems provide more configuration flexibility than pure solar or pure wind turbines. The prices are also very reasonable.

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